How it Works

Icarus is a low-cost power boosting and energy storage system for commercial and utility scale solar PV systems that improves system performance and the ROI of solar investments. The hybrid solar PV/Thermal system is snapped on the back of PV panels. The system cools the panels, collects rejected heat, and converts the heat into additional power to improve system efficiency and output. The Icarus system can produce roughly 25% more power at a lower cost/kWh than the panels alone. In addition, Icarus stores heat as energy to generate power during cloud shading and after sunset to better align with peak demand.

3 Distinct Benefits

Cooler Solar Panels

Cooler solar panels perform better. Depending on temperature conditions at the installed location, heat can reduce output efficiency by 10-25%.

Additional Power

In addition to cooler panels, we use the extracted waste heat to generate additional power.

Stored Energy

Icarus stores extracted waste heat in a thermal battery while cooling the panels. This results in additional power. Traditional solar batteries consume power generated by the panels alone.

Additional Benefits

Reduced Demand Charges

Peak demand charges resulting from a 15 minute spike in power usage can impact peak rate for the entire month. Icarus can reduce grid reliance during peak hours better than the competition.

Increased ROI

Our commercial cost model for a 100kW project predicts an ROI of about 30% for a 3.2 year payback for the entire system! Commercial PV can cost approximately $1.80/watt. The additional power generated by the Icarus Boost can be delivered for about $1/watt.

Reduced Footprint

Icarus produces more power per square foot than competitive systems without Icarus Boost, resulting in a smaller system for the same power produced, or more power produced for the same sized system.


Efficiency is a measure of how much work or energy is conserved. Often, work or energy is lost as waste heat, as in the case of solar panels. Efficiency = energy output/energy input, and is expressed as a percentage where the perfect process would have an efficiency of 100%.

White Paper

Icarus RT, Inc. has been selected to present at the Solar Power International Conference September 27, 2018 in Anaheim, CA. We are currently preparing a comprehensive White Paper about this ground breaking technology. Sign up below to receive an initial copy as soon as it becomes available.

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