The Icarus Impact

Icarus is a low-cost power boosting and energy storage system for commercial and utility scale solar PV systems that improves system performance and the ROI of solar investments. The hybrid solar PV/Thermal system is snapped on the back of PV panels. The system cools the panels, collects rejected heat, and converts the heat into additional power to improve system efficiency and output. The Icarus system can produce roughly 25% more power at a lower cost/kWh than the panels alone. In addition, Icarus stores heat as energy to generate power during cloud shading and after sunset to better align with peak demand.

How: Icarus Boost™

  • Today: Snaps on panel
  • Integrate in panel design
  • Proprietary nano coating improves performance
  • Organic fluid drives turbine generator

Total Output 25%


Efficiency is a measure of how much work or energy is conserved. Often, work or energy is lost as waste heat, as in the case of solar panels. Efficiency = energy output/energy input, and is expressed as a percentage where the perfect process would have an efficiency of 100%.