A Team Of Professionals

Mark Anderson


With 35+ years of experience as an engineer in the power industry, Mark Anderson, PE, MBA is the founder of Icarus RT. He currently leads ReTech Power and Water Engineering to coordinate all project activities. Mr. Anderson has participated in panel discussions and provided presentations regarding renewable energy projects contrasted with traditional in the US, Africa, India and Haiti. He has provided recommendations to the US Trade Development Agency for feasibility studies resulting in renewable project development and consulted at embassies in South Africa, India and Haiti.

Ronald Pitt


Ron Pitt has been a leader in alternative energy and energy efficiency technology for over 20 years. He was the President and CTO of Trace Engineering, the world’s leading supplier of electronic balance of systems products to the solar and wind markets. He has founded or co-founded two startups in the energy efficiency and energy management sectors. Ron has multiple U.S. and international patents in energy management software and hardware.

Shoshanna Gungur


Ms. Shoshanna Gungur specializes in business development and practice management of technical incubators based on broad experience in business and healthcare industries. She also works as an adjunct Professor of Strategic Planning, Healthcare Management and Legal Ethics at Loma Linda University. Extensive multi-lingual skills, and wide ranging international experience enhance her fresh and vibrant perspective. Awards of note include a Public Interest Law Scholarship, Federalist Society Leadership recognition by Supreme Court Justices, and Honors from Legal Aid Society of Orange County.


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