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News & Events


  • Submitted $625k project proposal for Menlo Park Community Project with Charge Bliss.
  • Presented at the 2021 Rocket Fund Final Round Competition
  • Finalists in 2021 Cal Test Bed (in Consultation to finalize SOW and Budget with UCSD as Test Lab)



  • Won 2019 CalSEED Proof of Concept Award – August 2019
  • Won 2019 Solidworks Entrepreneur Program – October 2019

Icarus Advancing Solar Technology

Icarus RT is one of three new startups to participate in the Shell GameChanger Accelerator program powered by NREL (GCxN). GCxN provides promising cleantech startups with technical resources to accelerate product commercialization while de-risking investment.

Waste Heat Recovery: Clean Power Generation through Improved Efficiency without Water

This article is a continuation of our series about various topics in renewable energy. Waste heat recovery systems collect excess thermal energy that would otherwise be exhausted or vented into the atmosphere. Some heat recovery systems cool hot exhaust...

Understanding Renewable Energy – An Introduction and Its Sources

Understanding Renewable Energy is not difficult. The first thing to understand is that Renewable Energy and its sources are basically all around us. This energy is found from the sun, wind, oceans, lakes and rivers. It is also found from plant growth, from...

Why Cogeneration is Good Energy Strategy

Cogeneration sometimes referred to as CHP (Combined Heat and Power) or energy recycling is an efficient and cost-effective method of capturing heat lost during the production of electricity and converting it into thermal energy because energy that would be...

High Administrative Cost of Solar Power Hampers Growth

The Department of Energy (DOE) has recently stated that up to half of the cost in solar power installations is due to administrative tasks. These administrative or soft costs are the costs associated with pe rmitting, zoning, metering, financing and...

We are so honored and excited to be featured in @InnovativeClimate July 7, 2021 as an exciting start-up for our low-cost power boosting systems for solar. Our prototype, Quartet, is a hybrid PV/Thermal solar-plus-storage cogeneration system that boosts PV power and generates hot water on-demand. Our innovative system will manage the disparity between daytime generation and peak water heating demand for multi-unit housing, commercial, industrial, and utility installations. Learn more at


Icarus is proud and humbled to be selected as part of the Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program-Supporting small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Together we can make an impact!

Read more about Qualcomm and the selected business below:

Good morning - Today Icarus RT Founder & CEO Mark Anderson will be speaking (virtually) at the California Energy Commission EPIC Forum. His talk will be between 11:30 AM and Noon PDT. It will be an exciting way to learn more about Icarus RT and the great progress we've made.

Learn more about Mark here:

Use this link to register for the event:

Hope to see you there!

Happy Friday!
Members of the Icarus RT team are hard at work providing innovative technology.

Dm us or visit our website to learn more! (link in the bio)

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Welcome to the new Icarus RT, Inc. Instagram page! Icarus RT is an award-winning technology that gives More Power to You. ...

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We've been working hard on Icarus RT's innovative Quartet highly efficient hybrid solarsystem technology and are so excited to announce the launch of our next round of investment opportunity on the Wefunder crowd-sourced investment platform!

Our technology is geared towards commercial or municipal buildings. Why? Because while consumers understand the power of putting solar panels on their homes, businesses have less incentives to invest in solar for their large scale operations.

Get to know Icarus RT's Quartet Prototype! This past year we've been able to build a workable prototype that is proven to be more energy efficient and heats water on level for the needs of commercial buildings. Comment ☀️ if you're looking forward to the future of clean energy!

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