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About Our Product

1.What size arrays can we accommodate?

Modularity is at the forefront of our design, so we have the capability to support any size array.

2.What size and brand of panels can we support?

Our current heat extractor models are designed to fit the majority of off-the-shelf 300W panels. Icarus panels have been tested on the following brands: Jinko Solar, Solar Park, JA Solar, Trina Solar, Seraphim Solar System, and Adani. We stive for compatibility with all other off-the-shelf brands that have a similar footprint. Please contact Icarus for further assessment.

3.If retrofitting, what additional structures or components need to be added?

To retrofit an existing PV array, we add Icarus' proprietary heat extractors, a storage tank and the control system. In addition to other components, several small pumps and infrastructure such as small PVC piping and wiring are required.

4.For residential, can we incorporate into pool and domestic water heating?

Yes, at a housing complex scale Quartet system can supply heat to both pools and domestic water heating.

5.What is the expected life of the system?

The expected lifetime is 20 years.

About Our Business

1.Where are Icarus’ services offered?

We are based in San Diego, California, but are exploring markets in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Hawaii, and others.


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