About US

01. Strategic

Icarus takes strategic actions to cope with the fundamental challenges of converting solar energy into usable electric energy.

02. Professional

We conform to technical and ethical standards to perform our objectives in a conscientious and professional manner.

03. Committed

We are obligated and pledge to focus on a course of action that results in realizing the maximum benefit from solar power systems.

Our Mission

Icarus’ core mission is to safely empower our team, our customers, and our community to provide more-reliable,        less-expensive, and cleaner global energy. To that end, we are steadfast in our commitment to produce quality, game-changing products and services through innovation and focus.

We are honored to receive the third annual CalSEED's Prototype Awards. Thank you for your support.

Icarust is proud to be part of Hiring Our Heroes-Solar Ready Vets program since Spring 2020. The veterans have advanced skills and experience. We are thrilled to have two new vets joining Team Icarus in Januar 2021!

CalSEED Concept Award video showing progress we have made (Milestone III) 😀

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Get In Touch

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 760-889-1327

Address: 7710 Kenamar Ct

               San Diego, CA 92121