About US

01. Strategic

Icarus takes strategic actions to cope with the fundamental challenges of converting solar energy into usable electric energy.

02. Professional

We conform to technical and ethical standards to perform our objectives in a conscientious and professional manner.

03. Committed

We are obligated and pledge to focus on a course of action that results in realizing the maximum benefit from solar power systems.

Our Mission

Icarus’ core mission is to safely empower our team, our customers, and our community to provide more-reliable,        less-expensive, and cleaner global energy. To that end, we are steadfast in our commitment to produce quality, game-changing products and services through innovation and focus.

Icarus is proud and humbled to be selected as part of the Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program-Supporting small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Together we can make an impact!

Read more about Qualcomm and the selected business below:


Good morning - Today Icarus RT Founder & CEO Mark Anderson will be speaking (virtually) at the California Energy Commission EPIC Forum. His talk will be between 11:30 AM and Noon PDT. It will be an exciting way to learn more about Icarus RT and the great progress we've made.

Learn more about Mark here:

Use this link to register for the event:

Hope to see you there!

Happy Friday!
Members of the Icarus RT team are hard at work providing innovative technology.

Dm us or visit our website to learn more! (link in the bio)

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